Uranium Backup
The most complete and versatile software for multiple data transfers and backups.


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  1. General configuration
    1. Activating Uranium Backup
    2. Using the Uranium Backup scheduler
    3. Running Uranium Backup as a service
    4. Using the special strings
  2. Files and folders backup
    1. Configuring a files and folders backup (synchronization, exclusions, compression, encryption, locked files, rotation)
    2. Configuring a files and folders incremental or differential backup
  3. Drive image and system state
    1. Configuring a Drive Image backup
    2. Configuring a System State backup
    3. Restoring from a Drive Image backup
    4. Restoring from a System State backup
  4. FTP backup
    1. Using the FTP client
    2. Configuring a FTP backup
  5. CD/DVD burning
    1. Configuring a backup to CD/DVD
  6. Outlook and Exchange backup
    1. Configuring an Exchange mailboxes backup
    2. Restoring a Microsoft Exchange mailbox
  7. Database backup
    1. Configuring a Microsoft SQL Server backup
    2. Restoring a SQL Server database
    3. Configuring a MySQL / MariaDB database backup
    4. Restoring a MySQL / MariaDB database
  8. Tape backup
    1. Configuring a tape backup
    2. Restoring from a tape backup
    3. How to optimize the tape capacity
  9. VM backup
    1. Configuring a VMware ESX/ESXi/vSphere backup
    2. Configuring a VMware ESX(i)/vSphere incremental backup
    3. Configuring a VMware ESX(i)/vSphere replica of a virtual machine
    4. Configuring a Hyper-V virtual machine backup
    5. Restoring an ESX(i)/vSphere virtual machine
    6. Restoring a Hyper-V virtual machine
    7. Backup and restore of vSphere VMs: required permissions
  10. Cloud backup
    1. Using the Cloud Client
    2. Configuring a cloud backup to Amazon S3, Azure, OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox or Box
    3. How to subscribe to Azure Storage for your cloud backup
  11. USilio
    1. Connecting an Uranium Backup client to USilio

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