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The solution for all data protection needs. Scheduling, incremental copies, logs and reporting, encryption, and much more.


More than 700,000 devices are protected and 450 petabytes are successfully copied every month.


Experience outstanding performance, easy management, and recovery at an affordable price.

Everything you need to preserve

Protect your data with the following backup options

Files, folders and Databases

Full, incremental and differential backup solutions for files and databases can be easily set up, with customisable scheduling, compression and encryption settings.

Drive Image

Ensure disaster recovery with powerful system image/drive image backup.
Recovery is easy, 100% Windows compatible, and hardware agnostic.

Virtual Machines

Seamlessly perform hot and incremental backups of virtual machines on VMware vSphere and Hyper-V hosts.

Wherever and whenever you want to store it

Endless destinations for any need, anytime


Replicate your data on an external device
(Hard Disk, Tape, or NAS) connected internally or via cable or network.
Using devices away and disconnected from your computer except during backups protects you from any risk.


Cloud is a scalable solution with expandable storage on demand. No physical media to catalog, protect, or preserve because data is stored over the network.


Back up your data to remote devices using a File Transfer Protocol (FTP). This is a convenient remote backup destination because it allows you to store critical files offsite.

Why choose Uranium Backup?

Packed with all the attributes for IT providers and MSP

AES 256-bit encryption, protection against Cryptolocker, and centralized monitoring of all the running procedures.

For a 100% GDPR-compliant endpoint security.


In today’s world, backup alone is no longer enough.

Encrypting backups adds an extra layer of security by converting sensitive information and files into an unreadable structure. This ensures reliability and protection for all workloads.


The rise in ransomware attacks calls for a strengthening of security.

Automatically send encrypted backups to a local offsite repository or cloud storage. This eliminates a single point of failure and streamlines the implementation of the 3-2-1 backup strategy.


Configure the best setup for your business with a flexible approach.

A lightweight client available in 12 languages, including free customer support and frequent updates. Increase your business with powerful features, easy licensing, and affordable prices.

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The backup solution built for MSPs and IT departments

Build and maintain a scalable business with backup software you can rely on

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“I had gone crazy looking for backup software after losing my files. I finally found Uranium Backup and I am very happy and confident. Also, for any questions the support is very attentive.”




“We have been using Uranium for more than 10 years, we use it for our company and for all the clients to whom we provide support, client and server. Never had any problems, only satisfied customers.”



IT Manager

“Thanks to Uranium Backup we have solved the issue of daily backups on numerous installations of our customers.
Not only for files and folders but also for Database SQL Server and MySql”