Uranium Backup
The most complete and versatile software for multiple data transfers and backups.

Uranium Backup Free – The free backup software

Uranium Backup Free

Uranium Backup Free is a powerful and easy-to-use free backup software for data protection.


  • Suitable for commercial use
  • Compatible with Windows Server
  • Can be connected to USilio

Uranium Backup Free is a reliable and powerful free backup software. It can perform files and folders backup (full backup, incremental backup, differential backup) and includes:

  • a complete scheduler
  • a full reporting system
  • e-mail notification
  • FTP client (note that online backup isn’t supported)

The perfect solution for the backup of your family photos and videos, commercial or fiscal documents and everything else you need to protect.

Try Uranium Backup Free now! It includes a 21 days trial of the Gold edition.


Key benefits

  • Data transfers and file replication

    Uranium Backup can copy files and folders virtually to any mass storage device: external USB / Firewire / SATA hard drives, RDX / REV drives, NAS devices, etc..

  • Unlimited sources / Unlimited destinations

    The great flexibility of Uranium Backup allows you to configure backup tasks with an unlimited number of source items and copy your data to an unlimited number of locations, also with parallel / high performance execution.

  • Excluding specific files and folders during backup

    Save storage space in your backup devices and obtain better performances for your backup by excluding specific files and folders from backups. Uranium allows you to easily set advanced filters based on file extensions (inclusion and exclusion), specific paths and even partial or dynamic paths.

  • ZIP compression / AES 256 bit encryption

    Uranium can compress files and folders using the powerful and high-compatible Zip64 compression, in order to save your storage space. You can also encrypt your data with the strongest encryption algorithm available today: AES 256 bit.

  • Copy of NTFS permissions (ACL)

    Uranium Backup can copy and synchronize also NTFS security attributes (ACL), so you can retain the existing permissions that have been specifically applied to the files/folders.

  • Scheduling of automatic backups

    A flexible, automatic scheduler is included with Uranium Backup so you can set your computer to backup anytime without being reminded. Uranium can also run as a Windows Service, so it runs automatically and transparently in the background, and does not need anyone to be logged in for it to work.

  • Powerful e-mail notification system

    After each backup, Uranium Backup can send an email notification telling you whether the backup succeeded or failed. Uranium provides one of the most complete and powerful e-mail notification system, with a lot of options, conditions and parameters.

  • USilio

    USilio is the IT Management Console for Uranium Backup and Supremo you were waiting for. A powerful console that allows to group and organize the Uranium Backup clients, monitor the backup sets, manually run them and receive automated reports. And it beautifully integrates with Supremo.

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