3. Restoring from a drive image backup

Drive Image backups (also known as system image backups) performed by Uranium are fully compliant with Microsoft specifications, allowing you to perform restore operations without the need of installing Uranium Backup.

We are going to see how to perform a bare metal restore from a Drive Image backup on Windows Server 2012 R2.

The same procedure will work on Windows Server 2012 while there are some minor differences on previous versions of Windows.

Restart your system while holding the shift key:

You will access a recovery menu. Choose Troubleshoot:

Select System Image Recovery:

Choose an account with the highest privileges:

Specify the password:

The recovery wizard will start. If the drive with the Drive Image backup is directly connected to the machine, the system will automatically detect the latest restore point by itself. Otherwise you can select the system image manually:

You can install the network drivers if you need it. Click Next:

Click finish and the bare metal restore will start: