You can manage your backups directly from the Console, by subscribing to a Uranium Backup Professional plan, or by starting the free trial period from the Licenses Management tab.

You can check all the backups of a device by selecting it in your list of Uranium Backup clients (in the Computers column, at the Address Book link).

This shows the list of backup sets that have been configured for the computer selected.

For each backup set you can:

  • check the outcome marked with a colour indicator (positive – green, negative – red, with warning – yellow)
  • the date and time of the last execution

and you can also manually launch the backup set directly from the Console.

NB: Uranium Backup must be installed and the client must be connected to the Console.

By clicking on the name of the backup set you can:

  • Manage scheduling: for more information click here

  • Rename or delete backup sets
  • Exclude the backup set from notification system

From the Executions column, you can see the backup set executions.

For each run, you can check a preview of the logs or download the full version: