General configuration

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  • 1. Activating Uranium Backup

    Follow these steps to activate your licenses: 1. Download Uranium Backup from this page and install it 2. Launch Uranium...

    Manual, General configuration
  • 2. Using the Uranium Backup scheduler

    Feature available in all Uranium Backup editions, Free included. Let’s talk about a basic feature of Uranium Backup, the scheduler....

    Manual, General configuration
  • 3. Running Uranium Backup as a service

    Feature available in all Uranium Backup commercial editions. There are situations in which you need to run a backup software as a service....

    Manual, General configuration
  • 4. Using the special strings

    The special strings are a set of strings that can be specified in paths and names. General: %UN%: the name...

    Manual, General configuration
  • 5.How to use Uranium Backup encryption

    Cryptography is a Uranium Backup feature available in the General Options of the software, in the tab General, at the...

    Manual, General configuration