2. Connecting an Uranium Backup client to Professional

Uranium Backup Professional enables connection, grouping, and organization of Uranium Backup clients.

With this plan you can manage your clients and your backups remotely, check the status of each backup, and control the outcome of the backups centrally.

You can activate the sending of a summary report of your backups by email or enable notifications.

Follow these steps to connect a Uranium Backup client to the Console. You need to have a Console account and a valid Uranium Backup Professional plan.

To add a Uranium Backup client you need to access the PC where Uranium is installed. It is not possible to add a Uranium Backup client directly from the web interface of the Console.

Open Uranium Backup and click Console:

Enter the username and password of your Console account:

Click on login and choose an existing Group of your Address Book or create a new one. The connection has been completed.
Please note: if the connection does not work, please update the Uranium Backup client to the latest available version.

From now on you can monitor and manage the client from the Console. Click on computer name to change its information or to disconnect it.

You can check the status of clients and backup sets or carry out actions remotely, such as starting a backup manually, downloading the error log, or updating the client.

Each computer associated with Uranium Backup can be labelled with these icons:

  • icon 1 “Uranium Backup connected”: indicates that the client is connected to the Console
  • icon 2 “Uranium Backup not connected”: indicates that there is no login to the Console in the Uranium Backup software
  • icon 3 “Uranium Backup disconnected” : indicates that the Console has been logged out directly in the Uranium Backup software
  • icon 4
    • “Update available”: you can update the client from the Console by simply clicking on the icon. (NB: the Uranium Backup service must be installed and the client has to be connected to the Console)
    • “Update manually”: you have to update the client manually; the version of Uranium Backup installed does not allow updating the client from the Console
  • icon 5 “Uranium Backup offline” : deriving from the lack of connection to the machine’s network or the closure of Uranium Backup

After connecting the Uranium Backup clients, the Console starts collecting the data of the backup sets performed.

Each backup set can be labelled with these icons (to access a client’s backup sets, just click on the computer name):

  • icon 1 “A scheduled backup set has been configured“: you can start it from the Console
  • icon 2 “View Log“: you can access the logs in the run list for any individual PC

For more information on the results of the backup sets, click here.