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Configuring a Drive Image backup

Feature available in all Uranium Backup commercial editions.

If you want to protect your system against machine failures you need to perform a Drive Image Backup (also known as System Image backup): a full copy of your disk. It’s a long task, the first time it takes hours to complete, but the next operations will be much faster thanks to the incremental backup support.

Of course Uranium Backup can manage and schedule Drive Image backups.

The first step is to create a new backup set:
Uranium Backup Drive Image

Click the click here to add a Drive Image Backup link:
Uranium Backup Drive Image

A window will pop up. Select the drives you want to back up:
Uranium Backup Drive Image

Select the backup destination. If you are trying to protect your system against failures it’s useless to store the backup locally. So specify a network destination, a NAS is a nice device for data protection. RDX destinations, if present, must be configured in fixed mode or the backups won’t be restorable. Specify the network access credentials if required:
Uranium Backup Drive Image

If you want to maintain more copies of your backup, specify the number. Note that only the oldest will be overwritten at every execution. The second option lets you copy the files to the common destinations:
Uranium Backup Drive Image

Configuration finished!
Uranium Backup Drive Image
Uranium Backup Drive Image

Now configure the scheduler and enjoy your Drive Image Backup.
Uranium Backup Drive Image

Protect your data, no matter what!

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