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USilio, the IT Management Console

USilio is the IT Management Console for Uranium Backup and Supremo you were waiting for. A powerful console that allows to group and organize the Uranium Backup clients, monitor the backup sets, manually run them and receive automated reports. And it beautifully integrates with Supremo.

USilio beta

USilio provides IT Management as a Service through a complete web console.

From a unique control panel you can:

  • Monitor and check your Uranium Backup sets
  • Browse the Backup History
  • Manually run a backup set
  • Receive automated reports about critical issues
  • Group your Supremo contacts and sync them with all your Supremo clients
  • Perform remote access directly from the console (Supremo must be present on the local machine)
  • Check and manage the scheduling of backup sets


USilio is available in both Free and Premium subscriptions:

216 €/anno
0 €/anno
Sync contacts across your Supremo clients (online address book) v v
Group and organize Supremo contacts v v
Launch remote control sessions from the console v v
Check, manage and update your Uranium Backup clients remotely v x
Customizable Backup History v x
Automated email reports and push notifications on your devices v x

To use USilio, access the official website and create an account.

Check the user guide for further information.

We encourage you in sharing your feedback with us, using the contact form.

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