Uranium Backup
The most complete and versatile software for multiple data transfers and backups.

Uranium Backup Pro Tape – tape backup

Uranium Backup Pro Tape

Tape backup compatible with all the tape drives.


  • Lifetime license
  • Allows 1 installation per license, on a physical or virtual machine
  • Compatible with Windows Server
  • Free support and updates
  • Uranium must be installed on the machine connected to the tape drive

Uranium Backup is an easy-to-use, yet extremely flexible software to make backup to tape drives. Specifically, Uranium Backup is:

  • compatible with any tape drive (not compatible with tape libraries / autoloaders)
  • fast, light and simple

Uranium Backup provides several advanced options to customize your backup tasks: you can choose to use hardware or software compression, you can change the block size, your can encrypt your backups with the strong AES 256 bit algorithm and choose the maximum file path length allowed. Uranium can create detailed log files, perform the backup verification and eject the tape at the end of the backup.

Uranium Backup allows to make several types of backup: Full Backup, Incremental Backup, Differential Backup and Special Backup.

Uranium Backup is a fast and affordable solution to make tape backup on Windows Server.



Key Benefits

  • Extremely easy-to-use

    Uranium Backup requires few seconds to install and configure. It doesn't need any pre-requisite and is compatible with all tape devices. You don't need to configure anything but only the data you want to write to tape. Uranium is the fastest and easiest solution to make backup to tape drives.

  • Compatible with all tape drives and all Windows systems

    Uranium Backup is fully compatible with virtually any tape device (regardless of the device interface: SCSI, USB, SAS, etc ...) installed on any Windows system. It can make backups on many types of cartridge: DAT, DDS, LTO, AIT, DLT, SDLT, etc...

  • Tape backup for Windows Server

    Uranium Backup is a fast and affordable solution to perform backup to tape on Windows Server.

  • Flexible and easy restore

    Uranium Backup provides a very flexible and intuitive interface to make restore from tape devices. You don't need any technical skill to recover your data: you can explore the cartridge content and select the individual files/folders you want to restore, or you can perform a full restore in original locations. The restore can be run from any computer, because all the backup information are stored in the cartridge.

  • Compression and Encryption

    Among the tape backup features we have the possibility to set several compression options, in order to obtain the best result in space saving and backup speed. Uranium allows you to enable the tape device hardware compression or to use its integrated "on-the-fly" compression, with several compression methods/algorithms. Moreover, you can encrypt your backups using the strongest encryption algorithm available today: AES 256 bit.

  • Parallel backups on multiple tape drives

    An extremely powerful feature of Uranium is the possibility to make parallel backups on multiple tape devices installed on the same computer. Performing separated tasks, Uranium can save your data to different tapes with high performances.

  • Flexible scheduler and e-mail notification system

    Uranium includes a flexible scheduler that allows you to easy configure your backup for planned executions. Finally, you have one of the most detailed e-mail notification system available on the market, in combination with a powerful monitoring and logging system that makes you able to always have the complete control of your backup.

  • Powerful FTP backup and restore

    Store and download your data from FTP servers across the Internet. A simple solution to protect your business data in different location with little effort.

  • Cloud backup

    Take advantage of the scalability and flexibility of the cloud backup with Uranium. Back up your data to Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure and OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox.

  • USilio

    USilio is the IT Management Console for Uranium Backup and Supremo you were waiting for. A powerful console that allows to group and organize the Uranium Backup clients, monitor the backup sets, manually run them and receive automated reports. And it beautifully integrates with Supremo.

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