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Uranium Backup Pro Virtual – Hyper-V and VMware backup

Uranium Backup Pro Virtual

Hyper-V and VMware backup (ESX/ESXi/vSphere) of virtual machines even on Free Hypervisor hosts.


  • Lifetime license
  • Allows 1 installation per license, on a physical or virtual machine
  • Compatible with Windows Server
  • Free support and updates

Uranium Backup is an Easy-to-Use and flexible software for the backup of virtual machines:

  • VMware backup (ESX backup, ESXi backup, vSphere backup)
  • Hyper-V backup

It requires only a quick installation and can perform:

  • hot backup – backup of running machines, even on ESX/ESXi Free Hypervisor host
  • incremental backup – even on ESX/ESXi Free Hypervisor host
  • replica – even on ESX/ESXi Free Hypervisor host
  • unlimited backups of servers and virtual machines


Virtualization reduces costs by increasing energy efficiency and optimizing IT resources. Uranium is a valuable tool for the protection of your virtual environment because it’s a fast backup and recovery solution for VMware ESX/ESXi/vSphere and Hyper-V virtual machines. While virtualization helps to simplify your IT infrastructure, Uranium takes care of your virtual servers. It’s powerful, reliable, affordable and perfectly compatible with VMware and Microsoft disk formats.


Powerful, reliable and affordable VMware ESXi backup

With a single license of Uranium you can back up your Hyper-V and VMware ESX/ESXi/vSphere virtual machines from any computer in your network and create restorable image files. It doesn’t need any specific hardware or agent, the installation process is very fast and the memory footprint is negligible. Furthermore it’s compatible with all the recent Hyper-V and VMware ESXi, ESX, vSphere versions.


Key Benefits

  • Affordable

    Our licensing policies are simple: with a single license you can back up unlimited servers and virtual machines connected to the same network. No extra cost for hosts or CPUs.

  • Unsurpassed Ease-of-Use

    Uranium is extremely Easy-to-Use and comes with a simple and intuitive interface. The installation requires a few seconds and little disk space. It’s possible to set up a complete disaster recovery solution for virtual machines with a bunch of clicks.

  • Support for all VMware ESX, ESXi and vSphere versions

    Uranium Backup is a complete solution for virtual machines backup on VMware platforms. With a single tool it’s possible to back up VMs running on VMware Player (on a Windows Host) and ESX/ESXi/vSphere version 3.5 and/or higher.

  • Incremental backup and thin provisioning disks support

    Uranium supports incremental backups of virtual machines on ESX/ESXi hosts through VMware Virtual Disk Storage API. Thin provisioning disks are also supported, speeding up backup operations and reducing the physical disk occupation of your copies.

  • Hot backups of VMs hosted on ESX/ESXi Free Hypervisor

    Uranium Backup can perform hot backups of virtual machines running on ESX/ESXi Free Hypervisor.

  • Support for Hyper-V running on Windows Server 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2 and 2016

  • Save your virtual machines in any storage device

    Once the backup is finished, Uranium can eventually copy the backup files in any type of storage device (NAS, CD, DVD, RDX, USB drives, FTP servers, etc..). Thanks to its flexibility, Uranium Backup is one of the most complete solutions for the protection of your virtual machines.

  • Parallel backups of multiple servers

    One of the most compelling features of Uranium Backup is the possibility to perform parallel backups of multiple servers and/or virtual machines. Uranium can back up simultaneously an unlimited number of servers and/or VMs to multiple destination, maintaining high performance.

  • Powerful FTP backup and restore

    Store and download your data from FTP servers across the Internet. A simple solution to protect your business data in different location with little effort.

  • Cloud backup

    Take advantage of the scalability and flexibility of the cloud backup with Uranium. Back up your data to Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure and OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox.

  • USilio

    USilio is the IT Management Console for Uranium Backup and Supremo you were waiting for. A powerful console that allows to group and organize the Uranium Backup clients, monitor the backup sets, manually run them and receive automated reports. And it beautifully integrates with Supremo.

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