Uranium Backup
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Uranium Backup Pro DB – MySQL, Maria DB, SQL Server and Exchange backup

Uranium Backup Pro SQL

Backup of MySQL, MariaDB Microsoft SQL Server databases and Exchange servers.


  • Lifetime license
  • Allows 1 installation per license, on a physical or virtual machine
  • Compatible with Windows Server
  • Free support and updates
  • Can back up unlimited databases on unlimited servers with just a license
  • Must be installed on the Exchange Server to back up the mailboxes

Uranium Backup is a powerful solution for the backup of MySQL, MariaDB, Microsoft SQL Server and Exchange.

Uranium is compatible with:

  • MySQL version 3.23 and higher
  • MySQL Embedded version 4.0 and higher
  • MariaDB version 5.0 and higher
  • any version of Microsoft SQL Server version (SQL Server for Linux and SQL Express included)
  • Microsoft Exchange 2010 SP1 and higher



The most complete software for MySQL, MariaDB, SQL Server and Exchange backup

You can schedule multiple and parallel backups of local, network and remote database servers, without any service interruption (hot backup). Uranium Backup also provides extended and advanced backup features, like zip compression, AES 256 bit encryption, the possibility to create custom backup file names (with timestamp) and several accurate checks. You can copy the backup files to multiple destinations: you can save them on Tape or CD/DVD discs, you can transfer them via FTP or copy them to any mass storage device (NAS, REV, RDX, external hard drives, etc...).

It's also possible to back up and restore individual Exchange server mailboxes [Uranium must be installed on the Exchange Server].


Key benefits

  • Hot backup

    The backup is performed even if the database or the Exchange server is running. The program does not affect server or client performance because it requires minimal resources.

  • Totally independent / No pre-requisites

    Uranium Backup does not require the presence of SQL Server client components (Enterprise Manager/Management Studio) or other applications. It can perform the backup from any computer in the network without any prerequisite.

  • Fully compatible backup files

    Uranium creates backup files in a SQL Server compliant format, so you can restore these files also with Microsoft tools like Enterprise Manager/Management Studio and PowerShell. No proprietary formats and the certainty to always have compatible backups.

  • Integrated zip compression

    Uranium Backup provides an integrated and powerful zip compression engine to compress the backup files. For SQL Server 2008 Enterprise and higher it is also available the native "on-the-fly" compression.

  • Strong AES 256 bit encryption

    You can protect sensitive data stored in your backup files using the most powerful encryption available today. So you can comply with regulations and legislative acts and ensure private and confidential data is strongly protected.

  • Scheduling of automatic backups

    A flexible, automatic scheduler is included with Uranium Backup so you can create complete backup plans for your databases. You can also execute multiple parallel backup of several database servers without any significant system resource consumption.

  • Powerful e-mail notification system

    After each backup, Uranium Backup can send an email notification to inform you about the backup result, and with several information: which databases have been saved, their destinations, the total size of data, etc.. Uranium provides one of the most complete and powerful e-mail notification system, with a lot of options, conditions and parameters.

  • Powerful FTP backup and restore

    Store and download your data from FTP servers across the Internet. A simple solution to protect your business data in different location with little effort.

  • Cloud backup

    Take advantage of the scalability and flexibility of the cloud backup with Uranium. Back up your data to Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure and OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox.

  • USilio

    USilio is the IT Management Console for Uranium Backup and Supremo you were waiting for. A powerful console that allows to group and organize the Uranium Backup clients, monitor the backup sets, manually run them and receive automated reports. And it beautifully integrates with Supremo.

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