Uranium Backup
The most complete and versatile software for multiple data transfers and backups.


Uranium Backup 9.6.1 – 09/18/2018

Fixed bugs
  • Drive image: fixed bug generating “Error 87-incorrect parameter” during the backup
  • Fixed bugs with the exclusion of files and folders in File and Folder and Incremental / Differential backup
  • Fixed bug generating corrupted zip files as a result of Incremental / Differential backup
  • Other minor bug fixes

Uranium Backup 9.6.0 – 07/05/2018

New features
  • Drive Image: introduced a new backup procedure on a network path that generates VHD / VHDX files, with full support for EXT3 and EXT4 file systems, incremental backups and rotation. (It is required to recreate the backup to take advantage of the new features)
  • Drive Image: introduced the ability to create a recovery disk from the restore menu, also for backups performed with the previous procedure, by completely removing the need of Windows installation drive for bare metal restore
  • Introduced support for VMware ESXi 6.7 and Hyper-V 2016
  • Improved log recording
  • Improved file management with long path in case of FTP / FTPS / SFTP backup
Fixed bugs
  • OneDrive for Business: fixed several relevant bugs and improved stability
  • Cloud Backup: fixed numerous minor bugs
  • Other minor bug fixes

Uranium Backup 9.5.2 – 03/12/2018

New features
  • It’s now possible to perform the Drive Image on unmounted volumes (without a logical letter)
  • NTFS attributes copy supports now paths longer than 260 characters
Fixed bugs
  • Fixed bug with the backup of Exchange 2010/2013
  • Fixed bug to NTFS attributes copy (ntmarta.dll error on the log)
  • Bug fixes to VMware replication
  • Bug fixes to Dropbox and Onedrive

Uranium Backup 9.5.1 – 02/08/2018

New features
  • It’s now possible to perform incremental backup and replica, with “thin provisioning”, of VMware vSphere virtual machines running on not-licensed Free Hypervisor hosts, using VDDK libraries libraries
  • It’s now possible to perform ESXi replica to the same host of virtual machine
  • Exchange backup: speed improvements
  • Added Generate ZIP for technical support button in the Help menu, to create a unique log file for our technical support team
Fixed bugs
  • Bug fixes to Host ESXi / vSphere replica
  • Solved connection issues to OneDrive cloud backup
  • Other minor bug fix

Uranium Backup 9.5.0 – 12/06/2017

New features
  • Introduced support to OneDrive for Business
Fixed bugs
  • Improved reliability to Cloud backup service
  • Minor bug fixes to the FTP backup mode
  • More SFTP servers supported

Uranium Backup 9.4.2 – 09/14/2017

New features
  • USilio 2.0 compatible
Fixed bugs
  • Other fixes

Uranium Backup 9.4.1 – 06/27/2017

New features
  • Introduced support to Dropbox API v.2
  • New Czech translation
Fixed bugs
  • Cloud backup is much more reliable
  • Fixed a bug preventing Uranium from backing up Exchange 2016 mailboxes
  • Other minor fixes

Uranium Backup 9.4.0 – 03/27/2017

New features
  • Replica for VMware vSphere is now supported!
  • It’s now possible to perform an incremental / differential files and folders backup directly to an FTP / SFTP / FTPS destination
  • Uranium is now able to send email notifications in case of scheduled-but-not-executed backups
  • Much better performance with cloud backups and improved reliability
Fixed bugs
  • Fixed a bug with the backup to Google Drive preventing Uranium to send data for over 90 minutes
  • Many other bug fixes

Uranium Backup 9.3.1 – 02/01/2017

New features
  • Synchronization is far more reliable
  • It’s now possible to back up all the present and future mailboxes of an Exchange Server
  • Procedures and triggers of MySQL databases can now be backed up
  • Improved reliability with the cloud backup
Fixed bugs
  • USilio is now reporting the correct size of performed backups
  • Fixed many bugs of the backup to FTP / SFTP / FTPS functionalities
  • Other minor bug fixes

Uranium Backup 9.3.0 – 10/20/2016

New features
  • It’s now possible to manage the scheduling of a backup set from USilio
  • Cloud backup completely revised, now supports Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure and OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox
Fixed bugs
  • Minor bug fixes

Uranium Backup 9.2.2 – 8/24/2016

Fixed bugs
  • Fixed a bug preventing Uranium from accessing network folders with authentication

Uranium Backup 9.2.1 – 7/6/2016

Fixed bugs
  • USilio-related bug fixes

Uranium Backup 9.2.0 – 5/26/2016

New features
  • Added support to USilio
Fixed bugs
  • Fixed a bug of the incremental / differential backup with the exclusion of subfolders
  • Fixed a bug with the access credential of network destinations
  • Fixed a bug preventing the configuration of a Drive Image backup with a network destination
  • Other minor bug fixes

Uranium Backup 9.1.0 – 4/27/2016

New features
  • Uranium Backup Pro DB and Gold can now perform backup and restore operations of MySQL and MariaDB databases
Fixed bugs
  • Fixed the FireDAC error bug of the files and folders incremental/differential backup
  • Minor bug fixes

Uranium Backup 9.0.3 – 2/17/2016

Fixed bugs
  • File and folder exclusions now working when the destination is compressed
  • Minor bug fixes of the virtual machine backup functionalities (Hyper-V and ESXi)

Uranium Backup 9.0.2 – 1/18/2016

New features
  • Uranium can now auto-resume a FTP upload after a disconnection (if supported by the server)
Fixed bugs
  • You can now configure authentication credentials of an incremental/differential backup element
  • Fixed other minor bugs

Uranium Backup 9.0.1 – 12/30/2015

Fixed bugs
  • Fixed a bug with files and folders backup on a compressed destination
  • Fixed a bug with Microsoft SQL Server backup
  • Incremental/Differential restore now shows the file list correctly
  • Fixed other minor bugs

Uranium Backup 9.0.0 – 12/23/2015

New features
  • New UI design
  • New files and folders incremental/differential backup
  • Better performance (both reactivity of the UI and backup speed)
  • VM backup for both VMware ESX(i) and Hyper-V far more reliable
  • It’s now possible to perform full backups of Microsoft Exchange mailboxes (greatly improved performance on Windows SBS 2011)
  • It’s now possible to back up files and folders encrypted with Windows BitLocker
  • It’s now possible to compress (ZIP) backups of files and folders in paths longer than 256 characters
  • It’s now possible to test the service during the trial period
Fixed bugs
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes (no more FTP loops, no more folder authentication problems and much more)

Uranium Backup 8.10.2 – 05/04/2015

Fixed bugs
  • Fixed a bug preventing Uranium service from launching backup sets on Windows XP/2003 Server
  • Minor bug fixes

Uranium Backup 8.10.1 – 04/23/2015

New features
  • General performance improvement
  • Now Uranium can automatically unzip individually compressed files during a restore
Fixed bugs
  • Fixed a bug preventing VDDK libraries to work with VMware vCenter
  • Fixed a product version bug causing the backup set configuration files to be saved in the virtualstore folder
  • Fixed false positive errors with drive image backup

Uranium Backup 8.10.0 – 03/19/2015

New features
  • VDDK support: Uranium can now perform thin and incremental backups of ESX(i)/vSphere virtual machines
  • Much faster ESX(i)/vSphere virtual machine backups even without VDDK support
Fixed bugs
  • Fixed minor bugs of the ESX(i)/vSphere and Hyper-V backup functionalities

Uranium Backup 8.9.7 – 02/03/2015

New features
  • Uranium can now automatically decompress compressed files during a FTP restore
  • Improved performance with ESXi VM backup (Uranium is now able to auto-detect and select the best buffer size)
Fixed bugs
  • Fixed a bug of the copy attributes option with customized icons
  • Fixed a bug with DFS drives, Uranium ignored all the files stored on DFS origins during the backup
  • Fixed minor bugs of Azure and Hyper-V backup modes

Uranium Backup 8.9.6 – 11/11/2014

New features
  • Introduced remote (LAN) Hyper-V virtual machine backup
  • Autoupdate: now available on Uranium Backup Free
  • Now it’s possibile to specify the port range of an active FTP/FTPS/SFTP connection
Fixed bugs
  • Fixed a bug with Windows 8 – and higher – data deduplication
  • Fixed a minor bug of the restore of an Exchange mailbox backup
  • Fixed many minor bugs of the FTP/FTPS/SFTP backup functionalities

Uranium Backup 8.9.5 – 07/23/2014

New features
  • Added native Hyper-V virtual machine backup
  • Empowered folder exclusion functionalities to the FTP backup
Fixed bugs
  • Fixed minor bugs of the ESX/ESXi VM backup

Uranium Backup 8.9.0 – 02/25/2014

New features
  • Added cloud manager and new backup to Microsoft Windows Azure storage
Fixed bugs
  • Fixed minor bugs of the ESX/ESXi VM backup
  • Fixed bugs of the Exchange backup
  • Fixed false-positive error log with Drive Image Backup

Uranium Backup 8.8.1 – 11/04/2013

Fixed bugs
  • Fixed the infinite loop bug of the FTP backup
  • Fixed the not-detected Exchange 2013 issue
  • Fixed a minor bug of the FTP backup configurator

Uranium Backup 8.8.0 – 09/02/2013

New features
  • Added new Exchange Server backup functionalities (Uranium Backup Pro DB)

Uranium Backup 8.7.3 – 06/26/2013

Fixed bugs
  • Fixed a bug preventing the backup of multiple ESXi-based VMs
  • Abort button during a VM restore now works correctly

Uranium Backup 8.7.2 – 02/18/2013

New features
  • Added Armenian translation
  • Drive info into the tape options now shows information about the drive and the media cartridge
  • Tape backup log now shows effective space utilization
Fixed bugs
  • Fixed a bug of the System State Backup on Windows 2008/2008R2
  • System State Backup now works on Windows Server 2012
  • Fixed a bug with VSS on x64 version of Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2008 and Windows 2008 R2

Uranium Backup 8.7.1 – 01/02/2013

New features
  • Added CRC check to compressed VMware ESX/ESXi VM files
Fixed bugs
  • Fixed a bug in VMware ESX/ESXi compressed VM files restore
  • Fixed a bug in Drive Image Backup on Windows 8
  • Fixed SQL Server permission bug

Uranium Backup 8.7.0 – 12/10/2012

New features
  • New ESX/ESXi VM backup compression
  • Support for ESX/ESXi Free Hypervisor (hot backup)
  • Support for ESXi 5.1
  • VM with multiple disks: now you can choose which drives you want to copy
  • Revisited GUI
Fixed bugs
  • Minor bugs fixed

Uranium Backup 8.6.7 – 02/01/2012

New features
  • New internal database to manage incremental zip files
  • Synchronization for incremental zip files has been improved
  • FTP Upload: new option to compare the files to be uploaded with a local database to speed up the transfer
  • Some minor graphic improvements
Fixed bugs
  • ESX: solved a problem of duplicated .vmdk files reported in the log
  • Logging: fixed an error in the number of processed items
  • Logging: fixed an error in detecting the right license type
  • Fixed an error in getting the number of the week in the year
  • Incremental zip compression for individual files: in some cases the file extension filter was not considered
  • Some minor bugs fixed

Uranium Backup 8.6.6 – 12/27/2011

New features
  • Some graphic improvements
  • New option for direct copy, incremental zip compression and FTP transfers, to copy only files that have been modified in the last N days
  • Help updated
Fixed bugs
  • Some minor bugs fixed

Uranium 8.6.5 – Update build 4799 – 12/05/2011

New features
  • Some graphic improvements
Fixed bugs
  • Fixed an error in setting file permissions on Windows 7
  • Fixed an error in creating Scheduled Tasks on Windows 7
  • Some minor bugs fixed

Uranium Backup 8.6.4 – 11/21/2011

New features
  • Zip compression: now the program shows the total progress of the file zip creation
  • ESX backup: new parameter “quiescing” to suspend the virtual machine before the backup
Fixed bugs
  • ESX backup: fixed a bug in downloading configuration files if a “cluster” architecture was used
  • ESX backup: fixed a snapshot error caused by “quiescing” mode with some specific configurations
  • ESX backup: fixed a wrong error message in .vmx file size verification

Uranium Backup 8.6.3 – 11/15/2011

New features
  • Some graphic and usability improvements in the main interface
  • ESX backup: added some new checks in the backup process
  • The Help file has been updated to the latest version
Fixed bugs
  • ESX 3.5 backup: solved a problem in downloading .vmdk files
  • ESX backup: some minor bugs fixed
  • Some translations fixes

Uranium Backup 8.6.2 – 11/07/2011

New features
  • ESX backup: improved performances and compatibility
  • Drive image: now you can esclude specific files or folders (only Windows 2008 R2)
  • Some graphic improvements for buttons in the activity window
Fixed bugs
  • ESX backup: fixed the error “file is in use” with some hosts
  • ESX backup: fixed a backup problem on some systems (errors 500 and 503)
  • Direct copy: fixed an error in creating the restore folder
  • Drive image: fixed an error when the backup target contained spaces
  • Drive image: handled the error caused by the limitation for network shares on Windows 7 Home
  • Some minor bugs fixed

Uranium Backup 8.6.1 – 10/21/2011

New features
  • ESX backup: now the virtual machine download is faster
  • ESX backup: virtual machines, vSphere servers and hosts are now shown in a tree structure
  • ESX backup: now the program shows the virtual machine states (on, off, paused) and the host states (connected, disconnected)
  • ESX backup: now the program shows the progress of the snapshot creation
Fixed bugs
  • ESX backup: fixed a blocking error in the download and the error “file is in use” with some Windows XP virtual machines
  • ESX restore: fixed a blocking error in the recovery of some virtual machines on vCenter 4.1
  • Some minor bugs fixed

Uranium Backup 8.6.0 – 10/05/2011

New features
  • ESXi, ESX and vSphere: Backup, Replication and Recovery
  • Now the burning functions are available starting from the Base version (the Pro Burn version doesn`t exist anymore)
  • New wizard interface design for several configuration windows
  • Added a menu item to add an FTP Download
  • Added 2 new Special Strings (%LZ%, %ZD%), that can be used after a backup and that represent, respectively, the full path and the date of the last zip file created by Uranium during the backup
  • New interface design
  • New graphic layout of the official website
Fixed bugs
  • Some minor bugs fixed

Uranium Backup 8.5.0 – 07/13/2011

New features
  • SQL Server: improved the visual aspect of the window for backup configuration
  • Tape: improved the visual aspect and the usability of the restore window
  • General options: removed some obsolete options
  • New buttons for the items and destinations list and for the main toolbar
Fixed bugs
  • FTP: solved the “read timeout” error when transferring big files with some routers
  • Now it is possible to see the backups running through the service even if you aren`t in the main user session
  • SFTP: improved UTF8 compatibility also for protocols version 3 or earlier
  • SFTP: fixed an upload error with 0 byte files
  • Some minor bugs fixed

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