Uranium Backup
The most complete and versatile software for multiple data transfers and backups.

Uranium Backup Gold

Uranium Backup Gold

Get all the features of Uranium Backup in a unique package. Powerful and cheap like no one.

Uranium Gold is the answer to all your backup needs. With a single license you will be able to perform backups of Microsoft SQL Server database, virtual machines on Windows hosts, virtual machines on VMware ESX/ESXi/vSphere hosts, files and folders on tape and any other storage device.

Uranium includes a scheduler service, a FTP client, e-mail notification and a complete reporting system. A single powerful solution created to protect your business environment.

Download Uranium Backup and try the free trial: 21 days to taste the quality of the Gold edition.


Key Benefits

  • A single solution for all your needs
    Control your backups with a unique powerful application. With Uranium Backup Gold you will be able to perform backups of virtual machines, database, files and folder.
  • Unsurpassed Ease-of-Use
    Uranium is extremely Easy-to-Use and comes with a simple and intuitive interface. The installation requires a few seconds and little disk space. It’s possible to set up a complete disaster recovery solution for virtual machines with a bunch of clicks.
  • Back up everywhere
    Once the backup is finished, Uranium can eventually copy the backup files in any type of storage device (NAS, Tape, DVD, Blu-Ray, REV, RDX, USB drives, FTP servers, mailboxes, etc..). Thanks to its flexibility, Uranium Backup is one of the most complete solutions for the protection of your virtual machines.
  • Parallel backups of multiple servers
    One of the most compelling features of Uranium Backup is the possibility to perform parallel backups of multiple ESX servers and/or virtual machines. Uranium can back up simultaneously an unlimited number of servers and/or VMs to multiple destination, maintaining high performance.
  • Powerful e-mail notification system
    After each backup, Uranium Backup can send an email notification to inform you about the backup result, and with several information: which databases have been saved, their destinations, the total size of data, etc.. Uranium provides one of the most complete and powerful e-mail notification system, with a lot of options, conditions and parameters.
  • Scheduling of automatic backups
    A flexible, automatic scheduler is included with Uranium Backup so you can create complete backup plans for your databases. You can also execute multiple parallel backup of several database servers without any significant system resource consumption.
  • Strong AES 256 bit encryption
    You can protect sensitive data stored in your backup files using the most powerful encryption available today. So you can comply with regulations and legislative acts and ensure private and confidential data is strongly protected.
  • Cloud backup to Microsoft Windows Azure storage (NEW)
    Take advantage of the scalability and flexibility of the cloud storage with Uranium. Back up your data to Windows Azure, a platform of proven reliability and security, adopted by 54% of Fortune 500 companies. Microsoft's Service Level Agreement (SLA) guarantees an uptime of 99.9% making Azure much safer than any hard disk on the planet.
  • Save your money
    The Gold edition provides all the features of Uranium Backup at a very compelling price. Save your money, go Gold!

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