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How to subscribe to Azure Storage for your cloud backup

Microsoft Azure
Since version 8.9.0 Uranium Backup can store and restore data from Microsoft Azure. Microsoft’s cloud service is a strong ally in protecting your data, thanks to its high reliability and low cost.

The configuration of the backup job is really easy and we published a tutorial about it. We noted, though, that it’s not as easy to subscribe the service, because Microsoft offers a large range of solutions.

For this reason we published this guide.

Choosing the right service
In order to back up data, we’re looking for a cloud storage service. But what kind of storage?

Uranium Backup can natively store data only on Azure object storage called Blob, you can find more information about Azure storage on the official page.

Microsoft will take care of the data and always guarantees the redundancy. The company will let you choose the location among its many datacenters and to select the level of redundancy.

We suggest to use the affordable Block Blob LRS (LOCALLY REDUNDANT STORAGE – more information here).

Cloud object storage is sold on consumption basis and so it may be difficult to forecast the cost per month. Microsoft helps us with a simple pricing calculator.

Microsoft Azure storage comes cheap, for 1TB (Block Blob, LRS, hot access) you’ll have to pay about 20 euros per month. And we’re talking of space effectively occupied.

In top of that Microsoft charges the bill with the transactions: every storage action (move a file, download it, etc..) is a transaction. Every 10.000 transactions costs only a 0.003 euros. For backup purposes, we don’t think you’ll surpass 1 euros per month of transaction fees.

Now you only need to sign-up and try Azure storage: http://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/pricing/free-trial/

Get your Access Key and configure your first backup to Azure!

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