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INFN – Ubaldo Denni

«The backup software Uranium is used in our laboratories to transfer important information among a very sophisticated automatic system Brick Assembly Machine, which builds elementary particle detectors, and a server that is running a database ORACLE. Such data are crucial for the reconstruction of “tracks” of particles revealed. The B.A.M. will have to build about 220,000 particle detectors called BRICK, which will be used in the OPERA experiment at the LNGS (Gran Sasso National Laboratory), and thanks to their characteristics prove the oscillation directly into tau neutrinos, neutrinos mu forming the CNGS beam at the international laboratories at the CERN in Geneva. OPERA uses Uranium that has shown, especially in its recent versions, to be a very stable, versatile and secure software.»

«The ease of use, the wide selection of options and the flexibility make it [Uranium Backup] really competitive for professional use. The … Read More >>

Tech Arena
Tech Arena (Italian site)

«Etihad Regional is the european brand operated by Darwin Airline, the main local airline in Switzerland. The company, with a fleet of … Read More >>

Etihad Regional
Etihad Regional

«An Uranium review has been published on the march’s (2012) PC Professionale, an Italian magazine. Following some extracts from the article: «Uranium … Read More >>

PC Professionale
PC Professionale (Italian Magazine)

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