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How can I recover a single file from a Drive Image backup?

With Windows 8 and higher, you just need to access the WindowsImageBackup folder, where the Drive Image backup is stored, and double-click on the virtual disk image (.vhd or .vhdx). The virtual drive will be mounted.

With previous versions of …

Why can’t I restore a machine from a Drive Image backup?

In order to successfully complete a restore of a machine it’s required that:

  • the folder WindowsImageBackup, containing the backup, must be located inside the root of the storage device from which the backup is being restored (eg. E:\WindowsImageBackup);

Why doesn’t Drive Image delete previous backups?

Update: the issue has been fixed in version 9.6.0 and a NTFS file system is no longer required. If you experience the problem, we suggest to update Uranium and re-create the Drive Image backup set.

For a fully functional Drive …

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