Uranium Backup
The most complete and versatile software for multiple data transfers and backups.

Cloud backup to Amazon S3, Azure, OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox

backup to cloudThe cost of cloud storage is decreasing every day and Internet connections are becoming faster and more reliable. Today, cloud storage is a valid alternative to a traditional SAN for critical backups and brings several advantages:

  • someone else takes care of the hardware, software and redundancy
  • you pay only for what you use
  • it scales fast and easy
  • it’s not in the same building of your other backups (off-site)

Cloud storage is here to stay so we worked hard to make Uranium the powerful solution to back up your data on the cloud.

Since version 9.3.0 Uranium Backup supports cloud backup to:

The cloud backup functionalities are supported by all the commercial licenses of Uranium: Base, Pro Tape, Pro Shadow, Pro DB, Pro Virtual and Gold.


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